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Cowboy Heritage XII
12th Old West Collectors Auction
Sponsored by the Duhamel Co.
Saturday, February 4, 2006
Civic Center Theater, Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Rapid City, SD
Doors Open at 8:30 am ~ Sale Time 10:00 am
Early Preview and Social ... Friday Evening, Feb. 3, 5-8 pm

If you have not been to the Cowboy Heritage Old West Collectors Auction sponsored by the Black Hills Stock Show Foundation, put it on your list for 2007! It is an amazing collection of western memorabilia that is unique and unusual!!! Almost 300 items were displayed and sold on February 4th at the Civic Center Theatre. Win Bauer and Jay George were able to gather together the items displayed on the website. Selling almost forty items an hour, the auction was a fast paced event. Over $8,000 was raised for the BHSS Foundation and the scholarship programs. The buyers and sellers went home happy! If you would like to participate in 2007, contact Win Bauer at 605.456.2971 or Jay George at 605.343.5140.

Photos From the Auction

Becky Husman and Susy Blair smiling for the camera before the auction starts. Also pictured is computer operator, Heather Weishaar. This hard working crew makes the auction run in the most efficient manner!

Jay George on left, Diana Bauer, and Win Bauer behind the podium preparing table one for the auction.

One of the many collectible saddles for sale at the auction. The girls sure made the day brighter!

Some of the rodeo queens who helped display the 300 some items. These girls worked hard for seven long hours!

Banners of sponsors of the Cowboy Collectible Auction.

The auction begins with a full house.

The crowd enjoys the sale.

BHSSF Director Terry Taylor takes bids at the auction.

Doug Theel and Connie Weishaar receiving their plaques of appreciation for the years of service to the BHSSF during the Cowboy Collectible Auction.

Jackie Maude receiving the contribution from the BHSSF for the Western Jr. Livestock.

Helene Duhamel watching one of the many Duhamel saddles being sold during the Cowboy Collectible Auction.

300 Quality Lots ~ No Buyer's Premium


Click here to view the brochure (pdf)...

For information, contact COMMITTEE CO-CHAIRMEN:
Win Bauer: 605/456-2971  E-mail: bauerdiana@hotmail.com or Jay George: 605/343-5140

Photos of select lots below. Click on each photo for a larger view.

Lot 1 - Duhamel

Lot 2 - C.E. Coggshall

Lot 3 - Miles City

Lot 4 - E.C. Lee

Lot 5 - Ray Holes

Lot 8 - F.A. Menea

Lot 10 - Duhamel

Lot 11 - W.O. Brengle

Lot 12 - Al Furstnow
Kids Saddle

Lot 13 - Newberry
Kids Saddle

Lot 16 - Buermann

Lot 20 - Bianchi

Lot 22 - Crockett

Lot 28 - Crockett

Lot 54 - California Spade

Lot 57 - Buermann

Lot 96 - Miles City Saddlery

Lot 96 - Miles City Saddlery

Lot 97 - Hamley

Lot 97 - Hamley

Lot 99 - Deer Lodge Headstall w/Silver Bit

Lot 114 - Colt First Generation Sheriff's 44/40

Lot 115 - Emil Kerner & Sons Shotgun

Lot 115 - Emil Kerner & Sons Shotgun


Lot 117 - Winchester Model 1894 38-55
Lot 118 - Winchester Model 1894 30-30
Lot 119 - Winchester Model 1904 single shot .22

Lot 128 - 1859 Officers Bit
Lot 131 - US Shoemaker Bit

Lot 150 - Casey Tibbs Bronze
Lot 155 - Casey Tibbs Rodeo Poster

Lot 166 - PK Ranch, NE yard long photo
Lot 167 - Deadwood Days of '76 yard long photo

Lot 182 - L.A. Huffman: Photographer of the American West
Lot 183 - L.A. Huffman Books

Lot 193 - South Dakota Brand Books, 1927, 1937, 1940

Lot 217 - Duhamel Saddle Catalog, 1932
Lot 218 - E.C. Lee Catalog, 1934-1935
Lot 221 - Crockett Catalog, #14

Lot 239 - Graybel Roundup Photo



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