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Preserving The Legacy. Investing In The Future: BHSS Foundation Marks 10 Years of Progress  As it marks its 10th year, the Black Hills Stock Show Foundation is many things to many people. First and foremost, it represents the history of cattlemen, who over 60 years ago, seeing what had been created in this region of ranching, comparing it to other parts of the country, said to themselves and others, ‘We have a story to tell, right here at home. And so it began.  Read more...


Portraiture of Saddle of Independence Premieres During 45th Anniversary Stock Show: As scrapbooks go, it’s nothing fancy. But inside is a real treasurer; page after page with hundreds of written messages from all over the world, people from all walks of life, from kids to grandparents to visiting dignitaries.  All moved by the story of a saddle built to honor the American people and their President. Was it the mystique of a cowboy’s saddle that drew them by the thousands to gather around the display at Mount Rushmore; to reach out and touch the tooled leather engraved in intricate relief of 383 acorns and 431 oak leaves; or the story it told of hardship and loss?  Read more...


Jon Crane Print Series Offered: Farm Credit Helps BHSS Foundation Hold Silent Auction Silence is golden. At least Farm Credit Services of America and the Black Hills Stock Show Foundation  hopes so....“The Foundation is always looking for ways to raise money for youth scholarship and grant programs that help so many,” he says. “So when I knew there was a set of Jon Crane prints available to a new home, I started to make some phone calls.” Thanks to his efforts and the generosity of Farm Credit (a long-time supporter of the Foundation) people attending Stock Show will have the opportunity to bid on this hard-to-find set throughout the week. Read more...

How The West Is Worn: There’s More to the Western Look Than Being a Cowboy Whether you hold to the fashion philosophies of a Beau Brummel or a Mae West, what you wear and how you wear it presents the most visual statement of self. And it’s a surprisingly short trip from Rodeo Drive in Hollywood to say, Vintage Cowboy in Hill City. You can’t get much more country than the collections seen strolling down high fashion ramps ‘round the world these days. But you don’t have to blow your trust fund trying to look as if you’ve experienced baling hay.  Read more...

“The Clown Jewels”: BHSS Foundation Offers Original, Limited Edition Art At Auction: To some, it’s all about heart. For others, it’s the urge to ‘show off’, just like when they were kids.  Or that adrenalin rush you get when you’re about to do something just this side of dangerous. Or crazy.  Whatever ‘it’ is, it’s as much of the makeup of the rodeo arena bullfighter as the makeup they paint their faces with. And they are as varied in their inner makeup as colors in the rainbow. But they all have one thing in common; a love of rodeo. Read more...

Art & The Cowboy: BHSS Foundation Brings Both To Stockman's Auction: As a founding member of the Black Hills Stock Show Foundation, John Johnson’s idea for an auction to raise money for scholarships was a natural fit. The challenge to pull together one-of-a-kind items in a part of the country where most everything exhibits a sense of uniqueness, well that was another matter. “I approach it the same way I might approach a horse sale,” says the well known pedigree man. “I like to know a little something about what’s being put out there.” Read more...

History In The Making: Cowboy Heritage IX Auction A Living History: Win Bauer of Vale, SD, spends a lot of his time in the past. It’s there that he finds the stories of the great American West, preserved in bits of steel, leather, paper and canvas.  He thinks it’s why people from all over the country line up for a buyer’s card and a seat at the Black Hills Stock Show Foundation Cowboy Heritage IX: Old West Collectible’s Auction. “People want a connection to history - whether their own or the country’s,” he observes.  Read more...

Fundraiser Planned: BHSS Foundation Purchases 45th Anniversary Commemorative Winchester: Working hand in hand with stock show organizers to help commemorate the 45th anniversary of the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo, the Black Hills Stock Show Foundation has purchased the proof gun of a limited edition commemorative firearm of which only 10 are being manufactured. “The legacy of the firearm in the Old West is well known,” says Foundation President Joe Norman, Piedmont. “This particular piece celebrates that as well as 45 years of the industry that has built this event to what it is today...that being cattlemen and cowboys.” Read more...


BHSS Foundation, Wrangler Team Up For High School Rodeo Showcase: They call it “the big barn.” Similar to any kids dream of making it to “the show” in professional baseball, in the sport of rodeo competing in the pro’s arena is well, a thrill. For the top three South Dakota high school rodeo athletes in each event from each region (Northwest, Southwest and Eastern) the dream of competing in an arena where legends come from is about to become a reality.  Read more...

BHSS Foundation Announces Scholarship Winners: From offering a single $500 to $1,000 scholarship in its first years, Black Hills Stock Show Foundation, Inc. has expanded to nine annual awards, as much as $2,000 each and will begin its Golden Spur Renewable Scholarship Award in the spring of this year.  From business law to range specialists degrees; from educators to studies in rural social development; such are the education and career pursuits of the young students selected for 2003 awards.  Read more...



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