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Foundation Business

Taylor Named As Director To BHSS Foundation. Growing up in the heart of ranch country in Dupree, SD , Terry Taylor, long-time Rapid City businessman, came to have an appreciation for the open country of the west along with the history of it. He would also come to a life-long interest in the horse racing industry and the sport of rodeo.

Partners In Celebrating 25 Years: BHSS Foundation Is History In the Making. When the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center opened its doors for the first time 25 years ago, no one envisioned it would be dirt, straw, cattle and cowboys that would be at the heart of its biggest annual attraction.... [more]

Where's The Beef......Stockman's Club, Prime Rib Dining Room Offer Great Food, Fellowship.   You've walked the entire trade show, sat ringside at a cattle sale for a spell, took in one of the educational programs and now you just want a good meal and a place to hang your hat...[more]

Hands-On Work With The Black Hills Stock Show Foundation Directors Fill Important Role  Lynn Husman remembers his first Stock Show rodeo. "We went to the ticket window at Rushmore Plaza Civic Center on an afternoon to order tickets for that evening's performance - front row seats," he recalls.  That was 25 years ago. Times have changed....[more]

Saddle of Independence

In The Spirit of the Great American West, Saddle of Independence A Tribute To President, American People As one American President's saddle comes home to South Dakota, it's fitting that another should be leaving it. Different circumstances in a simpler place in time trace the history of one; courage, sacrifice and honor is shaping the history of the other. Both embody much of what is symbolic in the cowboy's saddle....[more]

First Presentation of Saddle of Independence, Rushmore Plaza Civic Center Extends Invitation.  .....We’re extending a special invitation to the media to join us Friday, January 25 in the Theater beginning at 3:00 p.m.,  to become better acquainted with the Foundation and its presentation of the Saddle of Independence....[more]

Presidents’ Saddles On Display,  BHSS Foundation Exhibits History - And History In The Making.  The old saddle maker took one look and knew what it was.  On that summer day long ago, two travelers from Iowa stopped in to what was already a landmark in a town rich in history - the Duhamel Trading Post....[more]

A Symbol of Endurance and Freedom, Riding For The Brand In The Saddle Of Independence How important is a piece of equipment in athletic competition?  For a cowboy, it can make the difference of a fraction of a second in timed events or a shaved point on a rough stock score....To really be able to infuse function, stamina .... heart and soul into leather and rawhide, you need a master craftsman......That would be Benton Moore of Groesbeck, Texas...[more]

We The People .....BHSS Foundation Commissions Saddle of Independence, Introductory Display Planned During NFR  Las Vegas, Nevada -- Call it the Super Bowl. Or the Olympics. Call it what you will. For the cowboy, the stage of champions is played out at the National Finals Rodeo...It's fitting then, that from this place the nation's Saddle of Independence will be first displayed in public....[more]


How The West Is Worn, There's More to the Western Look Than Being a CowboyWhether you hold to the fashion philosophies of a Beau Brummel or a Mae West, what you wear and how you wear it presents the most visual statement of self...  "Designers have been incorporating some form or another of what we know as cowboy wear, for years," says Diane Norman, who along with other organizers is presenting the Black Hills Stock Show Foundation Style Show, Sat., January 26 in the Civic Center Theater....[more]

Art & The Cowboy .....BHSS Foundation Brings Both To Western Auction.  In the world of the cowboy, having what is called 'the eye' is truly a talent, a gift if you will.

The Great American Cowboy: Series II, Black Hills Stock Show Foundation Offers Collector's Series As Part Of Fundraising .... The second in the series of custom framed limited edition prints celebrating the Great American Cowboy and featuring Holloway and Evans will be offered to bidders, Wed., January 30 during the Foundation's Western Auction held during the Stockman's Banquet & Ball at the Ramkota in Rapid City....[more].

BHSS Foundation Western Auction, One of One Chytka Bronze To Be Offered  Ask Tony Chytka what his favorite piece of work is.  He'll tell you he hasn't done it yet.  That's the artist in him talking but for hundreds of people and business interests who own a Chytka bronze, his best work graces their living rooms, conference tables and public display areas....[more]

Old West Collector’s Auction: A Living History. Win Bauer of Vale, SD,  spends a lot of his time in the past.  It’s there that he finds the stories of the great American West, preserved in bits of steel, leather and paper.  He thinks it’s why people from all over the country line up for a buyer’s card and a seat at the Black Hills Stock Show Foundation Cowboy Heritage VIII: Old West Collectible’s Auction....[more]

Scholarships and Awards

"Preserving The Legacy. Investing In The Future,"  BHSS Foundation Announces Grant Awards.   People measure value in a lot of ways. For the directors of the Black Hills Stock Show Foundation and those involved in the organization's grant program, value is measured in ..... people.  "We are fortunate in that there is no shortage of good people doing good work," says Doug Theel, vice president of the Foundation....[more]

BHSS Foundation Expands Annual Scholarship Awards Establishes An Annual Renewable Program   From offering a single $500 scholarship in its first years, Black Hills Stock Show Foundation, Inc. had expanded to eight annual awards, as much as $2,000 each.  Now, it announces another expansion of its scholarship program that has awarded over 30 scholarships to students in a five state area.

High Marks, Students Awarded BHSS Foundation Scholarships    Enthusiastic and optimistic.  That may best describe students applying for annual scholarships awarded through the Black Hills Stock Show Foundation. Of the six winning this years awards, all outline plans to return to the Western states region to begin careers after completing their education. [more] 



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