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The Great American Cowboy Series....
Black Hills Stock Show Foundation Creates Collector's Series As Part Of Fundraising

"In the dawning of a new century, we do well to remember the old. And while we embrace a coming of age in this the Millennium Year, we celebrate the timelessness that is captured in the arena of rodeo .... With The Great American Cowboy."

Rapid City, SD -- The Black Hills Stock Show Foundation and Farm Credit Services of America announces the offering of the first, in a series of 26 commemorative prints that feature the people, the stock and the spirit of the American Sport of Rodeo. Developed in cooperation with world champions, this signature print will be presented during the Foundation's Western Auction, held January 31 during the Black Hills Stock Show Stockman's Banquet & Ball at the Ramkota in Rapid City.

Titled Artistry In Motion: MILLENNIUM COWBOY, this rendition of World Champions marks the beginning of the signed series to be offered annually, with proceeds used to fund the Foundations Scholarship Program, that to-date has awarded 31 scholarships to students in a five state region, among them recipients of the Foundation's annual high school rodeo scholarships.

Artistry In Motion: 
Millennium Cowboy 2001

"We share an 84 year history with the builders of agricultural businesses and communities," says Doug Theel, Financial Officer with Farm Credit Services of America. "Just as our partners - many of them second and third generations - have withstood the challenges of not only surviving but thriving in the business of agriculture, so too have we stood firm in our resolve and commitment. And also in recognizing that a way of business and a way of life are tied to one another, in meaningful ways."

Selecting the three individuals who personified `The Millennium Cowboy' were life stories of perseverance, the daring to dream, the taste of failure .... and the courage to dream again.

The historical perspective in this year's print, beautifully pictured & framed with inset, engraved plates and hand-carved accent illustrations, is made possible through the cooperation of the Casey Tibbs Foundation, of Ft. Pierre, SD, releasing the use of a photo of World Champion Casey Tibbs. Titled The Champ, it captures the 9 time world champion in the early days of his career.

In the rough stock visual, Clint Johnson, four-time World Champion Saddle Bronc athlete lends his support to the effort and in the performance arena, another two-time World Champion, one in Calf Roping and the other as All Around Cowboy Paul Tierney, puts his stamp of approval on the Foundation's mission of "Preserving The Legacy. Investing In The Future."


"If there was ever an effort that Casey would have gotten behind, it would be this one," says Dayle (Tibbs) Angyal, Ft. Pierre, president of the Casey Tibbs Foundation. To her, `Uncle Casey' (as she remembers him) was always there for the kids, encouraging, coaxing, helping them to believe in themselves.

But he didn't reserve that just for youth. "There was many a time when Casey gave a cowboy down on his luck, a hand up," recalls Dayle. "He was like that; he loved rodeo, life and the people that went along with it.

"The photo we've released to be a part of the Great American Cowboy Series is special in that it shows all of that in him; young, vibrant, going all out with the horse Easy Money, making the ride of his life - that's how Casey saw life and the sport of rodeo all the time."

He saw other things as well.

Among the first to promote rodeo as a true sport, Casey believed that it too, should have a `world series' of its own. And the National Finals Rodeo was born. He saw the need for a more disciplined judging criteria for horse and rider and the scoring process still used today is a reflection of his innate understanding of what happens between the cowboy and the horse - what makes for a world-class ride.

"We're proud to be a part of the Foundation's effort to raise funds for youth in agriculture and grants that help build and attain people's visions for a better life," says Angyal. "It matches our own philosophies, and Casey's too, as we continue in efforts to complete the Casey Tibbs South Dakota Rodeo Center, at Ft. Pierre."

From the arena to Hollywood movie sets to home on the plains of South Dakota, Casey Tibbs celebrated the roughness of rodeo as art, shaped it into a recognized sport .... and became a legend.


In Cowboy Halls of Fame across the country, hangs a picture of South Dakota native Clint Johnson. The four-time PRCA World Champion Saddle Bronc Rider had his start in high school rodeo arenas. Now living in Texas, he sees involving himself in furthering the Foundation's mission as a way to insure that the places and people; the philosophies and lifestyles that shaped and influenced his life, will remain in place for ongoing generations to learn from. "The foundations from which kids build on, plays a big role in determining the choices they will make," says Johnson. "As I see it, the Black Hills Stock Show Foundation is serving as a cornerstone to helping young adults grow and stay involved in agriculture and rural communities. That's a worthy cause by anyone's measure and I'm proud to be a part of it."


Early on, Paul Tierney, a farm and ranch boy from Nebraska, showed an aptitude for the feel of a rope. He did well as a young roper. And eventually would come to know self-confidence.

But there was something missing in him. It would hold him back time and again.

Until two people, "spoke the words into me and I was at a place in my life where I could hear."

For Tierney, getting his professional card in 1975 was a step - a decision to, "see what I was made of." Followed by the next level - to make a calculated approach to qualifying for the national finals, which he did in 1977. Still, he struggled.

Then, in 1978, "two things (actually two people) happened to me," he recalls. "Two individuals who I respected so very much, spoke to me about what was missing - the belief in myself. I had self-confidence but I didn't believe. It's two different things."

Those conversations broke the ties that bound him and in 1979, he would win his first world title. "God works in mysterious ways, sending the messenger at the right time, at the right place." He would go on to win the ultimate in the sport of rodeo - the all around world title - the best of the best.

His decision to support the Foundation's efforts in raising funds for young adults to continue their education comes from knowing what it means when others show, in various ways, that they believe, "even in those times when you don't know what it means to believe in yourself," he adds.

"My message is if the dream is big enough - the facts don't matter. Failure isn't failure unless you quit what you're doing. Failure is feedback.

For Paul Tierney, it's a matter of keeping your eye on the right prize. "Be persistent .... and consistent and you'll have your dream some day."

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The Black Hills Stock Show Foundation is a non-profit organization. As part of its mission of "Preserving The Legacy, Investing In The Future", the Foundation is dedicated to supporting youth in higher education and organizations, programs and projects that enhance services and education to the public.


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The Black Hills Stock Show Foundation is a non-profit organization. As part of its mission of "Preserving The Legacy, Investing In The Future,"  the Foundation is dedicated to supporting youth in higher education and organizations, programs and projects that enhance services and education to the public.