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Livestock Market

Association Day

Rushmore Plaza Civic Center – Rapid City, South Dakota

RAPID CITY , SD....A powerful panel of speakers greeted an excellent crowd on Sunday, January 31st during Livestock Market Association Day at Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo. Immediately following the Replacement Heifer Show and Sale, Leo McDonnell, representing R-CALF; Johnny Smith, SD Livestock Auction Market Association and Senator Tim Johnson spoke to listeners regarding the critical issues facing agriculture today.

McDonnell reported that petitions would be refiled in the coming months with regard to Mexican trade issues, and that cattlemen could expect a ruling on the Canadian petitions as early as May. The International Trade Commission continues its investigation into Canadian "dumping" issues along with governmental subsidization of grain and cattle operations north of the border; while recently ruling that the Mexican petitions would not be acted upon essentially ending the current petition process R-CALF began several months ago against the illegal importation of beef cattle from Mexico. "R-CALF and our legal counsel are in the process of refiling the Mexican petitions, realigning the evidence; but, we need the continued support of producers; speak and speak loudly to anyone who will listen about the future of the beef cattle industry as you see it", said McDonnell.

"The ag crisis in South Dakota has reached a point where it is beginning to affect the main streets of Rapid City and Sioux Falls, rather than Faith and Bison", said Senator Tim Johnson. "The condition of agriculture in America today is critical; and it always takes time for the economic whiplash to strike the urban areas". "It's imperative that the US Government sit up, take notice and take action, and we're doing all we can to bring these issues to the forefront within the halls of the Senate".

Representing Ft. Pierre Livestock Auction Market, Johnny Smith reported on a bill currently under consideration at the State legislative level on mandatory price reporting, stating that he expected the bill to receive committee approval immediately and then to move forward to the full Senate for debate. "I'd like to recognize and thank the fifteen auction markets in attendance today at this event, which constitutes a high percentage of the auction markets in the State of South Dakota. That's an excellent showing of support," said Smith. "If you feel that mandatory price reporting is one of the critical issues we're dealing with today, call your state representatives and let them know how you feel; make South Dakota a leader in bringing issues to the table and resolving them; we can set the pace for producers everywhere".

Joe Norman, President of the Black Hills Stock Show Foundation Board of Directors, who hosted the event, stated that he felt it was an extremely successful event; "if we stirred some interest or proaction that wasn't there, even with one individual, then we did our job; and with four Pennington County legislators in attendance here today to learn more, I feel we accomplished what we set out to do".


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